To Croc Or Not To Croc…

21 Aug

Much like the debate over who should be our next president, the debate about Crocs rages on.  These are important issues, people.  Republican?  Democrat? Crocs?  No Crocs?  I don’t see how anyone sleeps at night.  Or maybe I’m being overly dramatic.  No one really cares about the election.

Kidding aside, I know that when it comes to considering Crocs acceptable, stylish, well-loved footwear, the general consensus is a giant NO.  Personally, I’ve always been sort of neutral about the whole thing.  I think Crocs on kids are cute and I’m not offended when I see an adult wearing them.  Of course when it comes to adults I think we can all agree it’s all about the setting.  Traditional crocs in the garden or just hanging around on the weekend? Fine.  Crocs with fancy skirts and professional business attire?  Not so much.  Before last summer I never owned any Crocs of my own, but since then, I’ll admit, I’m kind of a Croc-aholic.

My gateway Croc was the Alice Work in espresso.  I stumbled across these on super clearance at an outlet and figured they’d fit nicely into my work shoe collection.  Criteria for work shoes for me are rubber soles (I don’t want to be the teacher clicking down the hallway), a little bit of height, closed toe (majority of the time), and comfortable enough to wear while you’re standing on your feet most of the day.  As a bonus, these are sort of a gray-green-brown color (even thought they’re called espresso) and they seem to go with pretty much anything.

I was hooked after one day at school.  The shoe was great.  It was comfy, lightweight, looked like a nice little flat, and had just the right amount of heel.  I liked it so much that I got the Kadee in black.  Once again, a simple little flat and nothing like the traditional Croc that everyone hates.  It’s cute, right?

I haven’t purchased anymore Crocs since these two pairs, but I’m definitely open to the idea.  Mostly I’m cheap and feel like I’m waiting to find them on super sale like I did with my first pair.  Right now I’ve got my eyes on the Crocband Loafer which is actually pretty cheap for $24.99 or $34.99 depending on the color.

I’m also really interested in the Twentie by what appears to be a Croc offshoot brand called YOU.  I am oh so tempted to buy them to replace my beloved black wedges that are not so slowly falling to pieces.

But what about you?  Where do you stand on the whole Croc debate?  Are you a hater just because hating is the thing to do?  A closet Croc fan?  Have I totally lost my mind and need to be kicked off the fashion blog immediately for all of this Croc Love?


2 Responses to “To Croc Or Not To Croc…”

  1. RA August 21, 2012 at 10:47 am #

    I am anti-Croc for me, but I also have a high tolerance for toe squinching and don’t mind clopping. Now that I think about it, I am also anti-Croc on adults in a professional environment that is not someone’s snow cone stand at the beach because wearing an all-rubber, hole-punched clog in the workplace is just not okay with me.

    But! I am a big fan of them for kids, especially in that they can be hosed off for sand and whatnot. Or whatever, I hear that that’s good. And I think that the ones you have are perfectly good, comfortable ninja shoes that no one would decry. I don’t think it makes sense to hate on them just because of their Croc-ness.

  2. Amy S. August 21, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    oh my gosh, I love this post, because I seriously want to wear all crocs all the time but I’m afraid to! Because of all the croc hate! Like you, I was a late adopter of the crocs, and I only purchased because of a super sale. I got a totally ugly pair of the traditional kind (in pink! ugh!) that I wear around the house and only around the house. But they are so comfortable! I want to wear them all the time!

    I have also been wondering if the cuter ones are as comfortable, which seems like you are saying yes?

    I’m so excited to hear responses as to where I can wear my crocs and what kind I should buy!

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