Navy- and White-Striped Dress Face-Off

20 Aug

Hello, again. Today is the day you learn this definitely is not a vanity project. Sigh. Let’s get this started.

I am obsessed with navy and white stripes. I own two navy- and white-striped shirts and one navy- and white-striped sweater, and I want to buy more. I am a crazy person.

I saw Elizabeth of Princess Nebraska wearing a striped dress from Banana Republic and went to check it out. I ended up ordering nearly identical dresses from Gap and Banana Republic for a DUN DUN DUN DUN TRUMPET SOUND Navy- and White-Striped Dress Face-Off!


The first dress is the nautical shift from Gap. It is $59.95. The material is a little bit thicker than t-shirt material. It has a cute zipper detail on one side at the neck.

Also pictured above, Kate Spade necklace I bought at TJ Maxx.
However, you will see in the photo below. This dress is not flattering if you have a lumpy stomach. No, I’m not pregnant.

So the Gap dress was returned.



Moving on. It’s a nearly identical dress: The stripe ponte knit shift from Banana Republic, $98, which now appears to only be offered in red and navy online.

Hello, butt!
Also pictured in all these photos are some red patent Cole Haan pumps from a few years ago that I love.

Anyway, I liked the material on this Banana Republic dress more than the material of the Gap dress. It was really nice and thick, but not uncomfortably so. The exposed zipper looks cool. I liked this dress a lot more and thought it fit nicer than the Gap dress above. I thought it looked nice enough in person, but yeah, it’s not really looking great in the full body photos. Not the best. I think it would work better on someone with a flatter stomach.



When I went to the mall to return dresses, I had to check out all the other nautical dresses they had. The first in-store dress was this shirred mini-stripe dress from Banana Republic for $88. I knew even on the rack that this would look horrible on me but tried it on just for you. Avert your eyes now! It’s going to be bad!


The dress is super slinky and body-hugging. It has rucheing on one side, which I thought was kind of odd. This might be nice for a going-out dress if you want something tight and slinky, but even then I think it’s overpriced.



We’re almost done! Two more dresses. Ok. I LOVED the contrast-stripe knit dress from Banana Republic in person (on sale for $79.50 as of Thursday night).


Problems: it is a light t-shirt material that I don’t think is worth $79.50, and it is really highlighting my stomach pooch in this picture. I may have just needed to try on a different size, but at this point, you get what I pulled off the rack.



And the winner was the dress that started this whole thing. The bordered t-shirt dress from Banana Republic is comfortable and flattering. As of this writing (Thursday night), it’s on sale for $59.99. The only negative is that it’s a pretty thin t-shirt material that I would probably only be able to wear in late spring, summer, and early fall.


You guys, there are even more navy- and white-striped dresses at Banana Republic right now, but I cannot bring myself to go back yet.


3 Responses to “Navy- and White-Striped Dress Face-Off”

  1. Maggie August 20, 2012 at 10:51 am #

    HEY THAT’S MY DRESS!!! I am totally taking credit for that dress. I bought it full price on impulse and texted EBJ immediately. It looks SUPER cute on you. (I like the cross front one too!)

  2. Becky August 20, 2012 at 11:11 am #

    I am addicted to black and white striped things, so I know what you mean. I have purchased three different (yet, uh, pretty darn similar) striped shirts this summer. It’s a problem. I think your choices are super cute! I even like the BR one that you didn’t, but you have to be comfortable or it won’t be cute. How’s THAT for sage advice? Heh.

  3. RA August 20, 2012 at 11:37 am #

    Oh, that certainty that you KNOW something will look hideous, and yet when you try it on, you are somehow surprised. Ugh. And inevitably, that item makes my hair all static-y and is difficult to get off afterward.

    I still love that clear necklace of yours!

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