My favorite fall outfit: Or how I discovered Lands’ End

14 Aug

I’m pretty much over summer clothes right now. The first time the high gets to about 72, I’m ready to pack away my sandals and get my boots out. This happened on Friday so naturally I’m looking forward to fall. I always forget though that I live in Ohio where it has been known to be 80-some degrees in late October.
However, no time like the present to start planning for my autumn wardrobe.

So Becky blogged about her favorite green dress from Lands’ End. I thought to myself, “Lands’ End? Why have I not checked them out?” Off I went and found this dress: the 3/4-sleeve Crepe Jersey dress in garnet. The dress also comes in purple, blue and black. I’m a girl who can’t say no to a dress or a sale so this worked out well because they were having a 25% off everything sale. (It appears that this sale is still going on.)

This dress is kind of fabulous. Nice color, hides things that I want hidden and can be versatile. I’m an editor at a newspaper. Our office is best described as business casual. But, sometimes I need to meet with people in the public or sources and I like to dress a little nicer. This would work well for that.  It also gets me out my dress and leggings rut with being a touch dressier. The best part is that it matches a scarf I already had (my mom gave it to me so I have no idea where it came from).

A few things to note about this dress. It runs big. I got it a size smaller than I normally would and it still had plenty of room. The sleeves are also not 3/4 on me unless I push them up but I have alligator arms. And, it you are nursing, this would be a great dress for you. The neckline crosses across the front much like a faux wrap. It would allow for quick and easy access if you need to nurse or pump.

While I’ve styled this for a fall look, I think it could transition easily into the holidays with dark grey and/or black accessories such as a belt or a cardigan and chunky necklace.

The boots are Aerosoles riding boots that I got at Elder Beerman last year. Since having kids, I’ve moved away from heels (though I still love them). These are practical while still being cute. The belt, I’ve had for probably 10-plus years. I’ve become a fan of belts again recently. I like how they give me more of a figure and show off my waist.

Here’s the same outfit with the scarf just hanging around my neck. A little more casual look:

And here it is tucked into my belt. I’m not sure how I feel about this look. I asked what people on twitter what they thought and I think RA summed up my feelings best by saying it doesn’t feel natural. I did a google search on “scarves tucked into belts” and while it wasn’t unheard of, it didn’t seem overly popular. I’d love to know what you think.

Here’s a detail photo of the scarf. I love it so much and wish I had more to wear it with:

As if Lands’ End hadn’t hooked me with this dress, I also got split neck dress for $5.50. I have no idea how. It’s marked for $21.47. I’m guessing because I got it in another pattern that is no longer available that it was on super duper clearance.

This is something that I can start wearing now with my brown Charlotte Russe flats I got last year for about $7 (have I mentioned I like a sale?) It has a fall flavor to it but will work in the transition period. And when it gets cooler, I can imagine pairing it with brown leggings and flats or boots. (I think a slouchy boot would look cute with it. And since I don’t have any slouchy boots, it looks like I need to do some shopping.) It’s something I can wear to work or out on a date with the husband.

It has an elastic gathering at the waist, which is nice but I added the belt to give it the extra cinching I like.

Here’s a detail of the pattern:

Oh, and here I am, plus the neckline:


5 Responses to “My favorite fall outfit: Or how I discovered Lands’ End”

  1. RA August 14, 2012 at 9:29 am #

    I am ALSO a sucker for dresses and sales! I love the ones you picked.

    Right, so, the tucking the scarf thing. I like it, but I never THINK to do it on my own. Whenever I see it, I’m like, oh, cute! And then it flies out of my brain immediately. The one time I tucked a scarf, I got lots of compliments, but I haven’t done it since.

  2. hillarycopsey August 14, 2012 at 9:54 am #

    I love that split neck dress. I’m such a sucker for prints. Also, that scarf: You should wear it with just jeans and a white shirt — T or button down. Also, with sweaters of all colors. Stripes. It’s a gorgeous scarf. And, I want a scarf tying tutorial.

    • RA August 14, 2012 at 12:52 pm #

      Hillary! You MUST watch this video about scarf-tying! It is adorable AND informative. 🙂

      • hillarycopsey August 15, 2012 at 8:10 pm #

        Very cool! Thanks for the link.

  3. ecbthorman August 14, 2012 at 9:47 pm #

    I think the scarf looks good tucked, but you’re right, it’s just not a way I think of when it comes to scarves.

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